Managing your entity is not simple… REDTREE helps you find the balance

Obtaining stable financing to develop a sufficient structure to carry out your projects and help your beneficiaries implies resources, time, loss of illusion and stop dedicating yourself to what the entity itself was created for… for in most cases cases fail to succeed.

REDTREE offers you the creation of a 2-year
GRANT SEARCH PLAN that allows a sustainable and progressive growth that doesn’t put your entity at risk

This is a personalized itinerary adapted to the unique characteristics of your entity, that establishes which grants have an adequate level of success for you to aim for in the next two years. These grants are selected after a thorough study according to the economic and operational capabilities of your entity and the level of success expected in the application, weighted through an analysis of the competition, profiles of beneficiaries, success rate by profile, etc.


If you want to, REDTREE can come along in the process by being part of your growth

Si así lo requiere la entidad o las bases de la subvención, REDTREE puede formar parte como socio colaborador en el proyecto, ayudándote a conseguir tus sueños

REDTREE only charges you if you get the grants, without any fees
or payments in advance

In exchange, the services gathered in this plan include:

Training for entity management

Specific virtual training for the management of entities and the third sector, acording to the official curriculum of social workers and derivates

Adapted search
for grants

Creation of a thorough analysis that leads to the creation of a GRANT REQUEST PLAN that sets the itinerary to follow

Drafting of requests and reports

We help you generate a fundable and feasible project that matches the objectives of your entity and your workplan

Training for
project management

We will train you on how to carry out a proper management of the project, including documentary control, networking, etc.

Advice on the
quality of results

In all your projects, REDTREE will audit the quality of its results and will ensure that they comply with financing requisites

Bureaucratic paperwork for project requests

REDTREE also handles the bureaucratic procedures required for the request of projects included in the plan

Guidance in
your projects

You won’t find a consultancy in REDTREE, but a social entity trained in guiding you through your projects and helping you reach where you couldn’t alone

Analysis and advice on problem solving

There can always be problems that put the project at risk, but with REDTREE you have professionals that help you solve them

This is a summary of our services without any legal validity; the specific and valid clauses on a legal level are found only in our contract of services.


REDTREE only works with entities with common goals and aspirations. Also, we only work with a limited number of clients simultaneously, to be able to offer a close an effective monitoring, so we can carry out a selection process of those entities with which we decide to work.