REDTREE MAKING PROJECTS COOP. V. keeps evolving to be able to contribute to improving the society we live in. With this objective in mind, we’ve advanced another step, adapting our ways of working to a new model based on 3 lines:

1.- The pursuit of the growth and internationalization of our clients, to provide them with a growth sustained over time and a deeper impact through the creation of specific and individual plans that allow them to reach European funding mechanisms.

2.- The bet for a fairer world (…)


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Redtree Making Projects is a cooperative of associated work created with the purpose of helping you change the world. We work actively in various fields to strengthen our clients, enhancing their networks and tools for social action. We want to help you to accomplish your dreams, ideals, and struggles to change what you believe has to be changed.

The experts of Redtree Making Projects will work with you to:


  • Get funding sources

Your entity is probably suffering the consecuences of the global economic crisis, along with all the people that benefit from your work.

You might have seen your budget reduced, consequently having to reduce your staff of workers that fought daily to set your proyects in motion; maybe your entity has just now been created and you have discovered how hard it is to contribute to the creation of a better world nowadays; or maybe the bureaucracy and paperwork just overwhelms you and stops you from working on what you really want.

Redtree was created to answer all of those needs. This initiative will actively works to look for grants and funding opportunities, so you can focus on carrying out your projects and forget about bureaucracy or wasting your time drafting projects that end up not being granted. We will conduct a comprehensive report to develop an annual plan with all possible funding and resource paths for your entity, and a list of the necessary legal paperwork. Once you approve this plan, we will carry out all the required procedures, draft projects, and offer the help you need in any of its stages.

Through a close and fluid relationship and within the first two years, we intend to have helped your entity generate a solid enough structure to be sustainable over time, and meanwhile we offer you spaces, counseling, and facilities according to our model of social entity accelerator. You might want to hire a technician or have an office to hold your meetings and carry out your biggest projects… we will help you accomplish it. Redtree wants to help you grow, which is why if you hire us, you will NEVER put your entity in danger, because if we DON’T get you grants, we WON’T charge you anything.


  • Create training materials and teaching tools

Redtree is formed by teaching experts that have already helped dozens of social and educational entities in the creation of formal, non-formal and informal teaching materials. Ranging from educational materials for different years for Educational Centers, to learning processes for non-formal spaces of people with special needs, Redtree is still designing innovative tools and methodologies.

Our cooperative is currently creating its own e-learning platform in cooperation with several european entities, to offer virtual and on-site/on-line mixed courses internationally. These consist of training processes personalized for each user in very diverse topics:

— Volunteer rights and obligations

— Adult training

— Entity management

— Language skills

— On-line working mechanisms

— Grant applications

— High-school teacher training


  • Provide other tools and services for your entity

Redtree always tries to support the growth of active entities, which is why we offer young organizations solutions to their main needs. From a Coworking space if you don’t have your own office, to printing services, or the use of a virtual lab to communicate with foreign entities.

Dive into our web and take a look at everything we offer. And if you have any doubt, call or mail us.