With this site we try to help you to bear your dreams into practice, ideas and struggles to change what you believe to be changed.At present maybe your entity suffers the severe consequences of the crisis, and with it all those people (partners, beneficiaries, users, etc.) who receive your job.

Maybe you have seen reduced your budget and it has been reduced the structure of the organization, keeping or increasing the need for your work.

Or maybe your company is newly created and you suddenly have discovered how difficult it is today to help create a better world. Or perhaps the paperwork will overcome you and prevent you from working on what you really want.

To all of you Redtree was created. This initiative will work actively to seek for grants and funding opportunities in order you may be able to focus on projects and make you forget to bureaucracy, invest a lot of time writing projects that will eventually give you. We’ll make a exhaustive study to prepare a biannual plan with all possible ways of obtaining resources for your entity with guarantees and a list of legal procedures necessary for this. Once you approve it, we will handle all formalities, drafting the projects, apply for grants and their justifications, and to offer assistance in any phase of the project you need.

Through a close relationship smoothly, we offer you that within two years may have generated your entity enough structure to be sustainable for long and , meanwhile, we offer you spaces, advice, and facilities according to an accelerator model of social entities . Maybe whatever you want to hire staff or a place where to meet or make larger projects … we will try to help you succeed.If your entity is a well-established and larger entity, we can contribute to the development of new funding sources, creation of European and transnational networks, optimizing resources, quality management systems… ultimately enhance the growth of the organization.

Redtree wants you may grow and this is why if you hire us, you NEVER lose because if we won’t get funding, we do NOT charge anything.