Within its goal of providing comprehensive solutions to its client entities, Redtree Making Projects Coop. V. offers a wide variety of services to help you better manage your entity or even use tools that otherwise wouldn’t be at your disposal.

In this sense, we plan to help you, as well as to train you and get funds, via three different perspectives:



Your entity will probably have enough resources and projects in the future so you can afford to have an office, maybe even more than one. But if your entity is still young and hasn’t enough workload and income to undertake the fixed expenses that an office means, and you are tired of meeting in your own houses or cafés where meetings are always unproductive and you are disturbed every five minutes… we can help you.

Redtree has specific spaces to offer you what you need. Maybe you just want a room for sporadic meetings? Or perhaps only a workplace, but to be available whenever you need it? Tell you about your requirements and Redtree will try to find solutions suited to you. Our office between “Jesus and María” and “San Ignacio de Loyola” streets (Valencia) has an available and appealing space equipped with Wi-Fi, a coffee maker and enough rooms for you, plus experts that can lend you a hand.


Managing an entity is not an easy task, and requires a lot of knowledge that is often taken for granted but seldom possessed –for example: Do I have to conduct VAT declaration? How do I manage the payment to a workshop facilitator?– coupled with a systematic process of archiving documentation and invoices. Redtree can offer you advice on these kind of doubts and will offer you innovative ideas to help you manage your entity better and easier.

Along with these offers, we are also launching the DIGITAL ARCHIVE SERVICE: when you issue or pay an invoice, mail it to us and we will archive the digital copy (you keep the original file and Redtree can send you a copy whenever you need it, and will conduct a detailed monitoring of your entity’s situation).

Our experts will help you manage your entity through a comprehensive counseling on legal obligations, changes of documents and registries, project managing, and all related paperwork.


If you need help to print your results and materials, or even for its design and layout, just contact us. We can help you create high quality materials with a dynamic and appealing design, always adapted to your preferences, to ensure a proper final report of your projects and reaching the impact and objectives you want.

We have a large format professional printer for different materials in which you can print posters, banners, vynils, etc. Check out our rates to know which one fits you best.

We can also offer other services; just take a look at the rest of our website, or mail us and ask.