REDTREE MAKING PROJECTS COOP. V. wants to boost and enhance the capabilities of those organizations that contribute to defending the rights of those who have seen theirs violated, that help people overcome the barriers resulting from illnesses or disabilities, that teach and train people on values and knowledge, or that contribute directly to improve our world through scientific discoveries, by protecting the environment, or  by promoting social changes.

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For all of these organizations, Redtree is a social entity accelerator, offering a specific service to help and support them in all areas needed to grow, undertake more ambitious projects, and solidify their work by strengthening the entity’s structure. Our services range from project requests, bureaucratic management, grant final reports, training on project management, etc. to the professional editing of materials, translation of projects and documents, and large-format printing; all of this through a 2-year or longer coaching service, structured in the Growth and Internationalization Plan.

These services do not involve any extra costs for your entity, since Redtree only charges for the services included in the GROWTH AND INTERNATIONALIZATION PLAN if the projects are approved and financed, and in any case, our services can be included in the project’s budget.





Redtree Making Projects Coop. V. has established an innovative learning and training system based on “project coaching”, in which we conduct a backing support and monitoring of our clients during one, two or more years through our “Growth and Internationalization Plan”, to establish a learning methodology through the process itself of requesting and managing projects in multiple areas.

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One of Redtree’s main objectives, aside from helping entities to enhance their project management capabilities, is to be able to assure the economic sustainability of their clients. To this end, we will study your entity and define its strengths, weaknesses and objectives, so we can implement our “growth and internationalization plan”. This will define the itinerary of the grants or fund lines your entity can opt to, and it will include requests for European grants supported by other grants from smaller, national and regional scopes.

This Plan’s itinerary encompasses all grant calls more adequate to your entity, so that you can tackle more ambitious projects progressively and in a sustainable way, strengthening your organization accesibly and without risks.






As long as the Growth and Internationalization Plan is in force, Redtree will undertake the projects to be submitted to the fund lines. The client won’t have to worry about any bureaucratic paperwork linked to the Plan, since REDTREE will be in charge both of drafting the projects (that will ultimately be evaluated, confirmed and signed by the client) and of any other management, handling, or paperwork processes. Once the project is approved, it will also be Redtree who drafts its final report and manages all other necessary procedures.

Redtree only charges its clients if the project is approved and financed, so you can include this expense in the budget of the requested grant itself. This allows our clients to GROW WITHOUT ANY RISKS, since IF YOU DON’T GET THE FUNDS for your activities, YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANY OF THE SERVICES included in the Growth and Internationalization Plan.

Redtree’s working method is:



REDTREE provides support for you in every task related to the implementation of your projects, so that you only have to worry about carrying out their activities and meetings and developing materials; we will manage the rest.

We wil look for all grants that are best suited for your entity, manage all previous paperwork for its request, draft the projects, report them, and conduct a monitoring of them to avoid quality or schedule issues. In the need of mid-term reports, we will draft them and help you compile all the required info for their report.

Some projects, especially European ones, might have to undergo audits needed to verify that the project is being or has been carried out properly. We will also help you with this, to prepare for the process and we can even go throught them with you so this doesn’t involve any issue.





Redtree Making Projects Coop. V. has a wide experience and a high success rate in obtaining project funds in multiple fields:

SMALL BUSINESSES: We train in management and offer help in grant request and subsanation, loans, and financial support specific for small businesses in diverse areas. Grants are direct aids, and the other funding lines are granted through programs managed by EU member countries themselves.

NON-GOVERNMENT AND CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS: We train in management and offer help in grant request and subsanation for NGOs and civil society organizations. These entities will be able to receive funding as long as they work within the priorities and areas of competence of the EU, and do so pro-bono.

SCHOOLS AND ENTITIES IN THE EDUCATION FIELD: study oportunities and of result creation in the area of education through the Erasmus x Programme; support for students in the last years of secondary education or high-school, and vocational training abroad.

YOUTH ASSOCIATIONS: cofunding of projects aimed at encouraging citizen engagement, volunteer work, and a multicultural and open-minded attitude, as well as the creation of materials specifically designed for non-formal education through the Erasmus + Programme.

RESEARCH ENTITIES AND TECHNOLOGY-BASED COMPANIES: We offer help in the request of projects that finance scientific research, mainly through EU’s flagship programme in this field, “Horizon 2020”. This is usually done through grants, to be able to partially fund all kinds of research projects.