REDTREE MAKING PROJECTS COOP. V. is an associated working cooperative with the maximum aspiration of contributing to build a better world. We try to enhance the structure and strengthen transformative social movements through the comprehensive management of their needs.

Through a wide variety of services, we always try to strengthen those entities that we feel identified with, helping them build a better world. This is why we actively work in multiple fields with the objective of internationalizing them, improving their structures, increasing their impact, and providing them with specific training and new tools for social action.

Between 2016 and 2017, REDTREE MAKING PROJECTS grew and turned into a social entity accelerator to enable the growth and strengthening of our country’s and Europe’s associative network.

Thus, REDTREE is a social cooperative that can offer specific resources and solutions to the real needs of each entity, with the goal of accelerating their development and autonomy intensively and in a short time through their internationalization.

There are other company and business accelerators, but few of them are social entity accelerators. REDTREE becomes the backbone and accelerator of social movements, ensuring the future viability of newly created entities while also strengthening the work of bigger, more experienced ones, not only through their financing, but also by collaborating with their resources.


Focus on the interests of entities
Collaborate in building a fairer and more egalitarian world.
Ensuring the absolute confidentiality of entities we work with
Respecting our clients as single and unique entities
Not being an economic burden to our clients
Promote social inclusion and equality
Provide advice to entities so their projects can impact society positively
Ensure the economical sustainability of our clients


We are a multidisciplinary and pro-active team of experts with experience in achieving success not only in the funding of projects in areas as diverse as education, science, and society, but also in the creation of training materials in formal and non-formal areas that have been implemented by several of the entities that work with us.

Years of experience of our workers
Projects in very different fields
Entities we work with
Projects granted
% of success in the first call
% of success in the second call