Many of REDTREE’s projects are focused in the creation of innovational materials that boost the social inclusion of young students of segregated groups in pre-primary, primary, and secondary education classrooms throughout Europe.

Our projects focus on the most disadvantaged groups, who require a specific support to achieve the proposed educational goals and avoid early school leaving. It is for them that we design, create, and edit specific training materials that are used by teachers as extra tutoring material for children and young students with special needs or other obstacles deriving from language, ethnicity, or cultural barriers.

To create these materials, we closely collaborate with entities with a long experience working with the beneficiary groups, creating European networks with the objective of enhancing and improving the professional development of teachers all over Europe.

In light of European reports like the PISA REPORT, it is paramount to create intersectorial alliances to promote the enhancement of the educational results of our country, among others. In said report, Spain was again below average (489), with a score of 469 points, 5 lower than in the previous iteration.

According to the data showed in the report, one in four Spaniard teenagers (24,7%) doesn’t reach the minimum of proficiency. Nonetheless, the average of other developed countries is not far, around 22%. These data imply that the students can’t distinguish between things like what is wanted and what is needed, or make reasoned decisions to daily issues.