Redtree Making Projects Coop. V. is a social cooperative that spends a great deal of effort and resources to implement their own projects to try to change the world for the better

All of this with the will to contribute to enhance the rights and conditions of those most disadvantaged groups and help build a fairer European society, consistent with the statutory purposes of a cooperative.

We start projects and initiatives altruistically, with a positive impact in Europe especially for the more disadvantaged groups, through the Erasmus Plus Programme.


REDTREE is a social working cooperative comprised by experts in the design and management of European projects, which is why we can ensure that they are carried out with the highest quality standards.

This cooperative has a group of experts with a total labor experience of more than 25 years and a wide training in structuring, organizing, and managing the social and educational fabric.

We are a multidisciplinary and pro-active team of experts with a long experience in achieving great success not only developing projects in areas as diverse as education, science, and social scope, but also in the creation of training materials both for the formal and non-formal areas.


REDTREE has a team of technicians with great expertise in the creation of training materials, both for formal and non-formal education. These professionals provide their experience to our social cooperative to carry out social projects aimed towards very diverse areas:



Redtree Making Projects Coop. V. has specialized technicians in the areas of education, society, and science, with a vast experience in the development of projects, activities, and initiatives aimed at many groups of beneficiaries:




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