The initiative Redtree Making Projects Coop V. defines itself as a social economy project aimed at providing structure and strengthening the transformative social movements through the comprehensive management of their needs. This Cooperative is comprised by a group of experts in entity management with more than 25 years of working experience and a broad knowledge in structuring, organizing, and managing social movements.

During our trajectory, we have helped to build and sustain more than 50 organizations and social movement entities, among which are: foundations, NGOs, and youth, student, university and cultural associations. The vast majority of them remain active nowadays, working to transform reality and build a better, fairer world.

Our clients were granted more than 650000€ during the last year from the public, private, local, state, national and European levels.



REDTREE is not only an innovative work initiative, but is also actively seeking to consolidate transformative social movements in the current changing economic situation. Thus we commit ourselves to:

  • Collaborating in the creation of a fairer and more equal world.
  • Ensuring the full confidentiality of our collaborating entities and clients, and using their information responsibly.
  • Respecting our clients/partners as unique and unrepeatable entities, so their characteristics will be positively considered for the Grant Plan that will be exclusive and fully customized for them.
  • Not posing an economic burden for any entity: we ONLY charge for our services if the projects are granted.
  • Not promoting attitudes, activities, or projects that relate to discrimination or social inequalities.
  • Only working with entities who develop projects that have the current complicated social reality in mind, and that have a relevant impact on its transformation.





REDTREE is a social working cooperative comprised by experts in the design and management of european projects, which is why we can assure the maximum quality standards in their development. Our team has helped to create 150 projects this far, these being european or local, ranging from the regional, national, to the international scope, for entities in several European countries.

This cooperative project has a group of experts in the management of entities that account for more than 25 years of experience among them, plus a wide training in structuring, organizing and managing the social and educational fabric; our team has helped to create dozens of social and educational entities, and has strengthened more than a hundred of them.

We are an interdisciplinary and pro-active team of experts, experienced in achieving great success rates not only in project funding in areas as diverse as education, social, and scientific research, but also in the creation of training materials in both the formal and non-formal scopes, that have been implemented by  many of the entities working with us. Most of the materials developed by us belong to the non-formal scope, but a lot of them are also formal ones, mainly in the educational area: curricular programmes for high-school subjects, guides for volunteer-training, for youth entrepreneurship through cooperative work, and many for the management of projects are some of the examples of the materials created by Redtree.

Thus, our entity can provide our clients with experts in areas of great importance for them that are often forgot when these initiatives are carried out. Redtree has renowned expert technicians in the fields of:







Between 2016 and 2017, REDTREE MAKING PROJECTS grew and became an accelerator of social entities, that boosts the growth and strengthens the associative network of our country and Europe. Thus, the renewed Redtree is intended to become a Social Cooperative that provides resources and specific solutions to the real needs of other entities, in order to effectively and intensively boost their development, growth, and autonomy in a short time.

There already exist plenty of company and/or firm accelerators, but there are very few cases of accelerators for social entities. Redtree is now an accelerator and the backbone of many social movements, ensuring the future viability and sustainability of newly created entities and also strengthening the work of already experienced entities, not only by searching for funding lines, but also by collaborating with its resources.

If you created your entity recently, we can help it grow and get stronger through the stages we have established in our client model.
Furthermore, if you fit the “Stage 0” or “Stage 1” profile, Redtree can offer you its Coworking service, with which you will be able to use the facilities in our head offices and their equipment to help your entity take off. You’ll also be able to meet other entities in your situation in the process, which will contribute to consolidate a good contact network between entities from their inception.