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Redtree Making Projects Coop. V. has established an innovative learning and training system based on project coaching, in which it conducts out a monitoring process of its client during two or more years through the “Growth and Internationalization Plan”. This creates a learning methodology for our clients through the request and management itself of projects in multiple areas.

The Growth and Internationalization Plan encompasses all training actions and includes:

  • Continuous training and tutoring in the different European funding lines and programs.
  • A specific and continuous training for the leaders of social organizations that carry out European projects.
  • A comprehensive training on project life cycles: project design, drafting, fund requests, and their development, implementation, diffussion, evaluation, and final report stages.
  • The necessary training and advice on the economic management of European grants and on how to conduct their proper final report.
  • Training and advice on how to select European partners specific for each project, their number, characteristics, profile, etc.
  • Training adapted to the European law applied to the projects managed by the entity.
  • Training on quality control of the project and its results.

This plan is also coupled with additional services, including a Basic Legal Service, free of charge as long as the contract between Redtree Making Projects Coop. V. and its client remains valid. These include:

a) Advice on the management of the entity’s paperwork and files.
b) Advice on the creation and breakup of entities.
c) Drafting and modification of entity statutes.
d) VAT nº, Social Security and treasury certificate applications: this service includes the application for the temporary, definitive and duplicate VAT nº in case of loss. The certificates of being up to date with tax obligations can also be requested for entities not member of the RED system. Certificates of being up to date with tax obligations with local and state treasury.
e) Modifications to the Board of Directors.
f) Drafting and review of administrative documentation: this service includes those administrative documentation related to the application or final report process of the grants included in the Growth and Internationalization Plan.
g) Personal and entity data protection: this service includes the protection of all data managed by Redtree Making Projects Coop. V. according to current law.
h) Advice and information on the paperwork needed to get a Declaration of Public Interest.
i) Documentation on the volunteers: this service includes volunteer registration and de-registration models, the registration book model, advice on insurance and on current law regarding them.